Forwarder Online

Global Logistics Solution On A Single Platform

Our exclusive logistics ecosystem provides companies in the freight forwarding industry with a dependable and cost competitive digital platform. Start today, exceed the digital needs of your company and allows you to focus on your business needs through Forwarder Online.

Enjoy Forwarder Online – a secure, reliable, and convenient online global logistics platform

Forwarder Online is a next-generation cloud SaaS platform integrated with big data, artificial intelligence, and global logistics expertise.

SBI™ Rate Master

Powered by the latest artificial intelligence and big data, SmartBee Intelligence presents SBI™ Rate Master, an innovative tool for contract management. Manage costs more efficiently, synchronize financial activities across their global business, and manage contract costs and sell rates online.

SBI™ Smart Quote

Smart Quote provides online, multi-functional sea and air freight quotation solutions. Enjoy seamless communication with your customers, and generate quotations automatically in seconds. The quotation process has never been this easy, professional, or fast.

Integration with FMS

Forwarder Online offers freight forwarders a one-stop customer service portal. Integrate this system with one or more of your company’s FMS, or your global agency’s FMS to operate on the same platform and significantly reduce the tedious task for your organization. No need to worry about changing your operating system or your existing standard operating procedures at all.

Online Booking

Our 100% online process equips your operations team with the capability to receive and respond to booking requests online: facilitating management, encouraging a paperless operational team, and fully documenting your correspondence and subsequent changes with customers. Use this tool to become an even more reliable partner by increasing customer retention, and expanding your businesses!

Cooperation with Agents Has Never Been Easier

Invite your agents to collaborate with your teams without being limited by geography or time zones. Reduce communication costs with bilateral real-time cooperation and keep your data safe while simultaneousl communicating sharing data. We welcome you to begin customizing your own standard import and export process today.

Real-time Visibility

With hundreds of ocean and air carriers connected to our platform, you get end-to-end, real-time visibility of your global shipments and supply chain.

Instant Message Notifications

Don’t let tedious and repetitive tasks bog you down. Allow our platform integrated with commonly used instant messaging software, such as SMS, Line, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc., to deliver messages for you.

Discover new digitalization opportunities to position your company at the forefront of the supply chain management industry with Forwarder Online. Gain next-generation, proactive, and instant online services.

SBI™ Smart Capital

Powered by our latest logistics integration technology, SmartBee Intelligence has launched an industry first smart cash flow platform. We harness and analyze your big data to calculate an atypical credit certificate recognized by banks, and ensure banks can quickly approve your fund requests.With our proprietary SaaS, we teamed up with banks to help companies get fast access to liquid funds so you can capitalize on all business opportunities you want.

Innovative Credit Scoring

Contactless and Paperless

Immediate Payment

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