Digitalizing International Freight Forwarding

SmartBee Intelligence integrates multiple global logistics services, offering various integrated solutions under one platform.


Pioneer of Smart Logistics

SmartBee Intelligence aims to create an integrated SaaS platform to digitalize global forwarding. This is accomplished by building on the concepts of sharing resources and combining big data, utilizing the cloud base and artificial intelligence, and a foundation of over 30 years of domain knowledge. SmartBee Intelligence founder and CEO, Andy Wang, has over 30-years’ experience in global logistics. He co-founded Phoenix International in 1995 and spearheaded Asian markets as the Asia President of C.H. Robinson, one of the largest logistics companies in the world. Andy has accumulated in-depth knowledge and insights on the difficulties, inefficiency, and overarching issues faced by international logistics and freight forwarders. He felt there had to be a better answer. Andy’s belief is that the best solution to resolve these industry pain points is by integrating intelligent technology into global logistics. To achieve this goal, he founded SmartBee Intelligence in 2019 with experts in the logistics and IT fields. They worked together to create a digitized, shared technology platform for international logistics companies as well as shippers and consignees, leading innovation in the world logistics space.


Empower Global Forwarding with Intelligent Technology

Offer new products and expand to untapped markets at ease

Gain real-time industry data, news, and quotation at a glance by integrating your current system with the SBI platform. Our unique approach to deciphering data allows you to quickly deploy in new markets and rise above your competitors with adaptive and diverse product lines.

Transform Your business into a smart logistics company with zero expense

Instantly obtain the foundation to build an O2O (online to offline) business while saving hefty costs on IT-related investments. SmartBee Intelligence builds advanced cloud services for you to focus on your business.

Automate workflows to reduce operational costs and boost work efficiency

Avoid rehandling tedious tasks and human errors. SBI's centralized platform automatically manages all shareable information on the cloud, so all of your peers and clients can get access to it from anywhere, at anytime.

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